Chair / Président : Tom Kazmierowski, Manager, Material Engineering and Research Office, Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, Downsview

COMPARISON OF MECHANISTIC-EMPIRICAL PAVEMENT DESIGN GUIDE (MEPDG) VERSIONS AND THEIR SENSITIVITY TO CLIMATE CHANGE – Vimy Henderson, PhD Candidate, Susan L. Tighe, Professor and Canada Research Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Brian Mills, Researcher, Adaptation and Impacts Research Division, Atmospheric Science and Technology Directorate,and Jean Andrey, Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

FORENSIC PAVEMENT STUDY: PRACTICAL METHODS, ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS– Chris Olmedo, LTPP Data Analyst, and Richard Korczak, Stantec Consulting Ltd., Kitchener, ON

INNOVATIVE PRESERVATION TREATMENTS TO ADDRESS PREMATURE PAVEMENT ROUGHNESS ON A SWELLING CLAY SUBGRADE IN ALBERTA  – Mohammad Karim, Pavements Engineer, City of Calgary; Dave Palsat, Senior Vice-president, EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd., Edmonton; Art Johnston, Principal, Transportation,EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd., Calgary; Trent McLaughlin, Construction Manager, Alberta Transportation, Peace River

CANADIAN PAVEMENT DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT CURRENT STATE-OF-THE-PRACTICE – Susan L. Tighe, Professor and Canada Research Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON; Marta Juhasz, Chair of Project Steering Committee and Surfacing Standards Specialist, Alberta Transportation

AN INNOVATIVE APPROACH FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF PAVEMENT PERFORMANCE PREDICTION MODELS WITH LIMITED HISTORICAL DATA  – Amr Ayed, Project Manager, Stantec Consulting Ltd., Kitchener, ON; Leanne Whiteley-Lagace, Pavement Engineer, Stantec Consulting Ltd., Hamilton, ON; Ed Clark, Roads and Drainage Engineer, Engineering Operations, City of Burnaby, ON

PROPERTIES AND USES OF CEMENT-MODIFIED SOIL FOR PAVEMENTS – Gregory E. Halsted, Market Manager, Pavements, Portland Cement Association, Bellingham, WA

EVALUATING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF PAVEMENT PRESERVATION TREATMENTS – David K. Hein, Vice-president, Transportation, Applied Research Associates, Inc., Toronto

CONCRETE PAVEMENT REHABILITATION TECHNIQUES AND CANADIAN BASED CASE STUDIES – Rico Fung, Director, Markets and Technical Affairs, Cement Association of Canada, Toronto; Tim Smith, Director, Transportation and Public Works, Cement Association of Canada, Ottawa

SOCIO-ECONOMIC BENEFITS OF ROAD REHABILITATION – Gary St. Michel, Technical Director, Asset Management Group, EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd., Vancouver; Alan Reggin, Pavement Engineer, EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.; Rodrigo Disegni, Senior Manager of Rehabilitation Program, Rodney Chapman, Director of Construction and Maintenance, and Reg Fredrickson, Director of Rehabilitation and Maintenance, British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

USE OF GROUND PENETRATING RADAR (GPR) AND MULTI-CHANNEL ANALYSIS OF SURFACE WAVES (MASW) TO COMPLEMENT BACKCALCULATED MODULI AND DESIGN LIFE CALCULATIONS – Edmund Surette, PhD Candidate, Christopher L. Barnes, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Resource Engineering, and Nouman Ali,  Dalhousie University, Halifax

INSTRUMENTED PAVEMENT RESPONSES UNDER STANDARD AND REDUCED TIRE PRESSURES – Qingfan Liu, M.Sc. Candidate, Leonnie Kavanagh, PhD Candidate, and Ahmed Shalaby,Associate Dean and Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering,University of Manitoba, Winnipeg