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Accelerated Bridge Construction – On the Fast Track to Success

Adjusting to the New Realities of Bridge Aesthetics, Engineering and Architecture

Alberta Transportation High-Tension Median Cable Barrier Program

Alternative Condition Assessment for Concrete Bridge Decks - A Case Study

Applying High-Fidelity Travel Demand Model for Improved Network-wide Traffic Estimation: New Brunswick Case Study

Assessment of the Crash Modification Factors in the Highway Safety Manual for Use in Canada


Best Practices for Managing Aging Transportation Infrastructure

Bus Priority Measures in Calgary: Past, Present and Future


A Case Study in Innovation – 26 Avenue Roundabout

Le centre de gestion de la mobilité urbaine (CGMU) de la Ville de Montréal                                                                                            

Challenges in Decreasing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Increasing the Axle Load Permitted on Wide Base Single Tires

Chemical Stabilization of Inherently Weak Subgrade Soils for Road Construction – Applicability in Canada                                  

City ‘Fat’ Street Gets Makeover with First Road Diet

City of Edmonton Traffic Safety Strategy (2006-2010)

Climate Change Engineering Vulnerability Assessment of Transportation Infrastructure in British Columbia

The Commuter Train Network Reaches New Heights with the Addition of 160 New Railcars!

Concession A25

Concrete Overlays – Sustainable Pavement Preservation Techniques Helping DOT’s Adjusting to New Realities of Shrinking Resources

Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation Techniques and Canadian Based Case Studies

Constat sur la mobilité des personnes dans la grande région de Montréal : Faits saillants révélés par l’enquête Origine-Destination 2008

Construction d’un pont levant sur le canal de Chambly

Crushing and Processing Reclaimed Concrete for City of Saskatoon Rehabilitation of Road Structures


Delivering the Active Transportation Infrastructure Stimulus Program (ATISP) in Winnipeg

Démarche stratégique intégrée de planification et d’exploitation du transport collectif dans le domaine des STI au Québec

Design and Construction of the Saint Albert Bridge

Designing Pavements for Innovative Projects to Meet Structural and Functional Requirements

Design of Continously Reinforced Concrete Pavement with Heat Transfer System for a Bus Terminal in Hamilton

Design of Full-Depth Reclamation with Portland-Cement (FDR-PC) Pavements

The Detroit River International Crossing Environmental Assessment Study

Development of a Province-Wide Strategic Highway Traffic  Forecasting Tool for Ontario

Development of Priority Ranking Methodology and Process for Provincial Highway Infrastructure Investment in Saskatchewan

Development of the Assiniboine Avenue Bikeway in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dufferin Street from Steeles Avenue to Langstaff Road: Dufferin Street – Another Step Towards Sustainability

Durability of Concrete Utilizing Blended Cements with Elevated Levels of Fly Ash


Edmonton Transportation Planning Branch 2009 Achievements

Évaluation de la capacité de lecture des inscriptions sur les panneaux de destination et d’équipements tourisques

Evaluation of Analytical Tools Used for the Operational Analysis of Roundabouts

Evaluation of Concrete Pavement Texturing Using PhotoTexture

Evaluation of Multi-Modal Transportation Strategies for Emergency Evacuations

Evaluation of Recycled Pavement Test Sections with Alternative Surfacing Systems at the University of Saskatchewan

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Different Mix Types to Reduce Noise Level at the Tire/Pavement Interface


Farm Windbreaks - Communications Program and Cooperative Projects

Flash Metakaolin/Slag/Cement Binder: An Environmental and Performance Alternative for Steam-cured Mortar for Precast Use

Forensic Investigation of Cracking in a Portland Cement Stabilized Full Depth Recycled Pavement

Forensic Pavement Study: Practical Methods, Analysis and Applications

Front Street Paving Project, Dawson City, Yukon: Adapting to Climate Change in a National Historic District

Fuel Consumption and Carbon Emissions of Turnpike Doubles in Manitoba


Generating and Implementing Forward Looking Innovations in Pavement Research


The Harmonized ECO Plan Framework

Highway A25 Completion Project


The Impact of BIM and VDC on Company Business Processes

Improving Pedestrian Performance and Driver Response at Unsignalized Roundabout Crosswalks

Improving Soil Stiffness Beneath Pavements Using Polyurethane Injection

Incorporating Various Travel Segments in Demand Modelling and Planning

Influencing the School Trip – Evidence-based Results and Techniques from National and Regional School-based Demand Management Projects

Infrastructure Risk Assessment of Coastal Roads in Nova Scotia

Innovation in Interchange Design – Golden Hill to West Portal

Innovations in Soil-Metal Bridges

An Innovative Approach for the Development of Pavement Performance Prediction Models with Limited Historical Data

Innovative Culvert Asset Management and Relining

Innovative Field Cast UHPC Joints for Precast Bridge Systems – 3-span Live Load Continuous

Innovative Preservation Treatments to Address Premature Pavement Roughness on a Swelling Clay Subgrade in Alberta

Innovative Steel Bridge Erection Techniques

Integrated Strategic ITS Planning and Operations Platform for Public Transit Networks in Quebec

Integration of Carbon Dioxide Curing into Precast Concrete Production

ITS Technologies for Commercial Vehicle Compliance in the Maritimes


Laboratory Testing of Vancouver HMA Mixes Containing Recycled Asphalt Shingles

LED Roadway Lighting Limited, Satellite Series Street Light

Lewvan Drive Interchange Project – Implementing Federal Environmental Assessment Practices

Load Testing and Ratings of Salvaged Precast Prestressed Concrete Channel Bridge Girders

Lowering the Carbon Footprint of Concrete by Reducing the Clinker Content of Cement


Making It Happen – Towards Integrated and Regionalized Transit Systems

Making Tracks: Active & Safe Routes to School – Walking, Cycling, In-line Skating and Skateboarding

Managing the Risk of Aging Pavement Infrastructure in New Brunswick Through Innovative Decision Making

McTavish Road Interchange – A Roundabout Solution 

A Mechanistic Approach for Evaluating the Safety Impacts of Left-turn Lane Offsets

Meeting the Dual Challenge of Budget Constraint and Environmental Sustainability: A Case Study of the Rural Road Network of Strathcona County, Alberta

Minimizing Reflective Cracking in Cement-stabilized Pavement Bases

Montreal at the Forefront of Sustainable Mobility with the Deployment of the BIXI Program and the Development of 50 km of New Bicycle Lanes in 2009

Montréal, au rythme de la mobilité durable avec le déploiement du BIXI et l’implantation de 50 kilomètres de nouvelles voies cyclables en 2009


A New Measure Making Winter Tires Mandatory in Québec

NextGen Initiative and The President’s Crew Program

Nouvelle approche de planification et de gestion des  infrastructures aéroportuaires du ministère des Transports du Québec au Nunavik dans un contexte de changements climatiques : Vers une stratégie d’adaptation

Une nouvelle ère pour le train de banlieue : 160 voitures neuves arrivent !

Une nouvelle mesure rendant les pneus d’hiver obligatoires au Québec


Ontario-Québec Continental Gateway and Trade Corridor

Optimizing the Strength and Permeability of Pervious Concrete


Pavement Assessment and Design Methodologies Used for the Rehabilitation of Urban Pavements in the City of Calgary, Alberta

Pavement Preservation – A Solution for Sustainability

Pervious Concrete Pavement Performance in Field Applications and Laboratory Testing

Planning for Mobility Hubs: Creating Great Transit Places

La Porte continentale et le Corridor de commerce Ontario-Québec

Preventative Maintenance Treatments: Do They Impact Skid Resistance on LTPP Sections?

Properties and Uses of Cement-Modified Soil for Pavements


Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions When Utilizing Road Recycling Maintenance Processes

Quantifying Pavement Sustainability in Project and Network Level Perspectives

Québec Road Safety Task Force

Queen Elizabeth Way / Martindale Road Bridge Demolition Detour Analysis



Recent U.S. Research on Safety Evaluation of Low-Cost Road Engineering Safety Countermeasures – Lessons for Canada

Red River Floodway Expansion Project: Railway Bridge Design – Challenges and Outcomes

Regional Strategic Transportation Plan – Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Rehabilitation of the Armdale Rotary

Reversible Lanes in Utah – Adding Efficiency Safely

A Review of Active Transportation Plans in Atlantic Canadian Communities: Motives, Hurdles and Pitfalls

Right-Sizing Fleet: A Halifax Example

Right-Sizing Transit: What is a Reasonable Level of Transit Investment?

Roundabouts at the Larry Uteck Interchange in Halifax


Safety Assessment of a Rural Highway in a Design Process

Sensitivity of Subgrade Resilient Modulus to Moisture Variation

Smart About Salt – Winter Salt Management Program

Streamlining Opportunities for the Permitting, Enforcement, and Regulation of Regional Truck Movements

Southeast Stoney Trail: A CEAA Screening Environmental Assessment for a Canada Building Fund Project

Structural and Hydrological Design of Permeable Pavements

Summary of City of Saskatoon “Green Street” Infrastructure Program

A Sustainable Transportation Study for Calgary: A Multimodal Approach

Sustainable Winter Sanding with Pre-wetting


Table Québécoise de la sécurité routière

Town of Richmond Hill Snow Storage Facility

Tramway de Montréal – Un système de transport pour supporter les activités et le développement du centre-ville et des quartiers périphériques

Transportation Master Plan Update: Moving Towards Sustainable Transportation

Travel Time Estimation in Urban Networks Using Buses as Probes

TSP in the Urban Environment: Challenges, Challenges and Challenges


Use of GPR and MASW to Complement Backcalculated Moduli and Design Life Calculations

Use of PCC Pavement to Reduce Maintenance Costs and Address Urban Intersection Rutting

Using High-speed Ground Penetrating Radar for Evaluation of Asphalt Density Measurements

Using Structural Monitoring in the Evaluation of the A. Murray MacKay Bridge


Westmount Road Traffic Calming Project


Zone of Intrusion and Concrete Barrier Countermeasures