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Accelerated Laboratory Evaluation of Joint Sealants Under Cyclic Loads

Accelerating Highway Bridge Demolition – An Innovative Approach

Acceleride – Brampton Rapid Transit Initiative

Achieving Greenhouse Gas Reductions from Passenger Vehicles

Alberta’s Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Deployment – An Innovative Way to Outsource the RWIS Contract

Alberta’s Traveller Information System – The Calgary Experience

Application of ITS to Manage Traffic at a Calgary Rail Crossing

Application of Variable Speed Limits Along the Trans Canada Highway in Banff National Park

Best Practice Design for Concrete Pavers for Canadian Municipal Applications

Beyond Conventional LCCA: Long Term Return on Pavement Investments

Beyond Road Weather Information as a Decision-Making Tool in Winter Maintenance Operations, What Else is Needed?

Bicycle Access to Downtown Montreal: Investing in a Better Future

Bow Corridor Regional Mobility Strategy

Constructability of the North Saskatchewan River Bridge

Contracted Maintenance Services at the Ministry of Transportation, in Ontario

Cost of Congestion in Canada’s Urban Areas: Methodological Considerations

Cotton Creek Culvert Replacement

County of Renfrew RWIS Network Implementation Post-Deployment Performance Evaluation

CPR Techniques in Ontario – 15 Years Experience

Crown Street – Vancouver’s First Environmentally Sustainable Street

Dangerous Goods Route Selection Criteria

Deerfoot Trail Extension – Innovative Approach Leads to Geometric Innovations

Détermination de l’alignement routier à partir de tracés GPS

Détournement de la rivière au Renard – Gaspé

Developing an Auto Ownership Model for Edmonton

Development of Decision Support System for Highway Capital Planning in Alberta, Canada

Diversion of the Rivière au Renard (Fox River) Gaspé

Downgrade Passing Lanes on the Canadian Trans-Mountain Highway System

Driver Attention Demand and Adaptive Information Management

Edmonton’s Northeast LRT Rail-with-Trail

The Effect of Seasonal Variations on the Resilient Modulus of Unbound Materials

Étude des conséquences de la détérioration de l’uni des chaussées sur le comportement des véhicules et la sécurité des usagers de la route

Evaluating the Safety Risk of Narrow Medians and Restricted Sight Distance

Evaluation of Interlocking Concrete Pavement Performance

“EVAP” Project

The Evolution of Highway Maintenance Outsourcing in Albert

A Framework for Selection of Asset Valuation Methods for Civil Infrastructure

Halton Transportation Master Plan – A Best Practices Approach

Halton Transportation Master Plan – ”The Region in Motion”

Highway Performance Measures for Business Plans in Alberta

Hold the Salt: Paving the Way for Better Road Salt Storage

Innovative CAD-based Application for Parking Lot Design

Innovative Low Cover Bridges Utilizing Deep-Corrugated Steel Plate with Encased Concrete Composite Ribs)

Kichi Sipi Bridge to Cross Lake – Innovations in Deep Foundation Design and Construction

Lester B. Pearson Airport, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Old Terminal 1, Decommissioning and Demolition

Managing Salt Impacted Water at Maintenance Yards

Mechanistic Characterization of Anti-stripping Additives in Saskatchewan Asphalt Mixes

Microsimulating Weekend Travel by Households in Calgary

Modeling Household Weekend Activity Durations in Calgary

Municipal Pavement Performance Prediction On Pavement Condition Data

Nature of Weekend Travel by Urban Households

Needles Bridge Crossing: Managing Design Risk of a Long Term Infrastructure Investment

Noise Reducing Asphalts – A Priority Issue for the Region of Waterloo

Non-Obtrusive Rehabilitation of Small Bridges and Large Culverts Using Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP)

Nova Scotia’s Salt Management Plan

Optimizing RWIS Information in the Decision Making Process

Optimising Your Transportation System: The Calgary Experience

Pavement Management in Atlantic Canada’s National Parks

Performance des techniques de retraitement en place et de recyclage à froid au Québec

The Performance of Full-depth Reclamation and Cold In-place Recycling Techniques in Quebec

Planning and Implementing a Full Closure of the Highway 401 Express Lanes with the Help of Micro-simulation

Practical Application of GPR to Supplement Data from FWD for Quick Pavement Performance Prediction

A Process Management Approach to Fund Safety Projects in Alberta

Procurement Models for Road Maintenance

Promoting Sustainable Transportation Through Site Design: CITE’s Proposed Recommended Practice

Québec Ministry of Transport Website on Climate Change

Quickzone Delay Estimation Software: Nova Scotia Case Studies

Remediation of Salt Impacted Groundwater with Electrokinetics

Replacement of a Timber Trestle with an MSE Retaining Wall System – CN Rail, Yale Mile 118.93 Trestle Replacement – Innovative Use of MSE and Staged Construction Techniques

Rethinking Transportation Targets – A Case for Moving Beyond Basic Modal Share Targets

Review of the New Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide – A Material Characterization Perspective

Road Weather Information Systems at the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario

Saskatchewan’s Asset Management Cycle

Seal Coat Systems in Canada: Performance and Practice

Selecting Candidate Locations for Red Light Cameras

Short Term Performance of an Innovative Cold In-place Recycling Technology in Ontario

Le Site Internet du ministère des Transports du Québec sur les changements climatiques

Synthesis of Practices for the Implementation of Centreline Rumble Strips

Système intégré de communication véhiculaire de données

Tentative Design Rules for Innovative Bridge Decks Comprising Sandwich Plate System Panels)

Thin Surfacing – Effective Way of Improving Road Safety within Scarce Road Maintenance Budget

Traffic Operations Aspects of the ITS Strategic Plans for Edmonton and Calgary

Trellis Beam Bridges – Innovative Solutions for Highly Skewed Flyovers

Towards Improved Management of Pavement Markings And Markers

The Twinning of the Trans-Canada Highway Through the Province of New Brunswick and the Contracting of Operations, Maintenance and Rehabilitation to the Private Sector

U-Pass at the University of British Columbia: Lessons for Effective Demand Management in the Campus Context

Use of Asphalt Pavement Analyzer Testing for Evaluation Premium Surfacing Asphalt Mixtures for Urban Roadways

Winter Street Sand Recycling Program