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Accelerated Bridge Construction

Access Management Plan for the Trans-Canada Highway Between Winnipeg and Headingley

Alliance Contracting: Removing the Boundaries for Infrastructure Delivery

Application of an Integrated Maintenance Management System for Highway Operations

Applying Space Shuttle Technology to Road Locations and Gravel Searches

Applying Supply Chain Logistics Modeling to Border Security and Efficiency

Asphalt Rubber – The Quiet Pavement?

Building Alberta Infrastructure & Transportation as a Knowledge Intensive Organization

CALMOB6: A Fuel Economy and Emissions Tool for Transportation Planners

Capilano Treetop Adventures – Forest Canopy Walkway Bridges

Challenges of the Great Bear River Bridge

Challenges, Opportunities and Achievements – The St. John’s Sideroad / McKenzie Wetland Project

Confederation Bridge – An Innovative Approach to Ice Forces

Close-proximity Measurement of the Tire-pavement Noise on the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec’s Road Network

Context Sensitive Pavement Design for Low Volume Road Applications

A Contribution to Knowledge Management Through a Canadian Research Initiative

Coxheath Road Bridge Reconstruction Staged Construction Using Innovative Geotechnical Designs

Crown Street: Sustainable Streetscapes and Fish Habitat Enhancement Project

Curb Versus Median Bus Lanes: The Yonge Street Case Study

Design and Construction of Southeast Anthony Henday Drive, Edmonton

Developing Quieter Concrete Pavements

Development and Application of Transit Signal Priority Implementation Guidelines – A Proven Process

Development of Tools for Improved Spring Load Restriction Policies in Ontario

Development of Tools to Evaluate Quiet Pavements in the Laboratory and Field

Development of Winter Severity Indicator Models for Canadian Winter Road Maintenance

Drive West – A Multi-Agency Approach to Traveller Information

The Effective Use of Computer-based Training for In-career Training and Knowledge Management

Effectiveness of Pre-wetting Strategy for Snow and Ice Control on Highways

En ville, sans ma voiture!

Environmental Enhancement Fund : Achieving Environmental Sustainability for Transportation Infrastructure

Evaluation and Mitigation of Asphalt Pavement Top-Down Cracking

Evaluation of Work Zone Strategies and User Delay Costs Associated with Strategies and Treatments

5th Avenue Connector Contra-flow Facility: From Concept to Completion

Fine-graded Stone Mastic Asphalt – Pavement Rehabilitation of Bloomington Road (York Region Road 40)

The Fredericton-Moncton Highway 5 Year Review: A Partnership in Progress

Glenmore Trail/Elbow Drive/5 Street SW Interchange – Managing Traffic on Calgary’s Largest Interchange Project

The Gunningsville Bridge Project

The Gunningsville Bridge and Associated Urban Bypasses

Helping Build a Sustainable Future By Constructing Roadways with Portland Cement Concrete Pavement

How Sault Ste. Marie Can Make a Difference in Addressing the Multimodal Challenges of Finding Fast and Reliable Transportation Alternatives That Will Ensure the Smooth and Efficient Flow of Goods Between Canada and the U.S.

Impact of Road Lane Narrowing Traffic Calming Treatments on Speed and Volume

Implementation of the Collision Records Analysis and Safety Hazard Evaluation System (CRASHES)

Improving the Flow of People, Goods and Services Across International Boundaries

Improved Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Technique for Bituminous Material Characterization

Improving Salt Management on Multiple Fronts

Innovative Precast Concrete Deck Slabs

Instrumentation and Real Time Monitoring of a Landslide on Highway No. 302, Near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

The Integrated Use of GPR and Conventional Methods for Continuous Pavement Condition Investigations: A Case Study of the QEW Rehabilitation and Widening Project

Long-Term Monitoring of Low-Volume Road Performance in Ontario

Low Cost Total Monitoring Stations for Rural Highway Applications

Managing Run-off-Road Collisions: Engineering Treatments with AMFs

Mesure en continu du bruit pneu-chaussée sur le réseau routier du ministère des Transports du Québec

Methodology for Selecting the Most Promising Corridors for Active Transit Signal Priority Deployments

Mise sur pied d’un projet-pilote offrant des places réservées aux covoitureurs dans les stationnements incitatifs de l’AMT

Mitigation of Highway Traffic-induced Vibration

Des modalités novatrices pour assurer la gestion des services publics à l’intérieur des emprises routières : l’expérience de concertation et de collaboration du ministère des Transports du Québec

Neighbourhood Traffic Management

New Approaches in the Management of Public Utilities in the Right-of-Way: The Consultative and Collaborative Approach Developed by the Ministère des Transports du Québec

The Nisku Test Road: Direct Measurement of the Impact of Heavy Loads on Thin Membrane Pavements

The Opportunities for Intelligent Transportation Systems to Assist with Spring Load Restrictions and Winter Weight Premiums

An Overview of the Core Transportation Engineering Courses in the Undergraduate Civil Engineering Programs at Canadian Universities

Pavement Material Database – A Tool to Facilitate Implementation of the New M-E Pavement Design Guide

Pavement Response to Legal Overloads at the Nisku Test Road, Alberta

Performance of Headed Shear Stud Clusters for Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Panels

Permafrost Degradation and Adaptations of Airfields and Access Roads, Nunavik, Québec, Canada

Quantification of Congestion – Calculating Benefits

Redevelopment of Canada’s Second Busiest Border Crossing – An Exercise in Consensus Building

Redevelopment of the Peace Bridge Plaza and Border Crossing at Fort Erie, Canada

Resolving Network Hierarchy with an Unconventional Core C/D Highway Concept, Highway 63, Fort McMurray

Review of Alternate Bid Tenders for Canadian Highway Construction Projects with Life Cycle Cost Component

A Risk and Deformation-based Design Approach for MSE Walls on Rock Fill Slopes Along the Sea to Sky Highway Test Section

Roadbase Reconsolidation

Road Condition Weather Information Systems Automatically Feeds Travellers’ Road Information Portal at the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario

Road Construction Waste: To Landfill or to Recycle? There Is No Question!

Safety Performance Assessment of Freeway Interchanges, Ramps, and Ramp Terminals

Safety Risk Management in Large Diameter Modern Roundabout Applications

Salt Management in Alberta Highway Maintenance Yards

Salt Management Plans “Braving Winter’s Cold Shoulder in Renfrew County”

Saskatchewan’s 15 Year Study of the Environmental Impacts Generated by Deicing Salt

Saving Our Energy Sources and Meeting Kyoto Emission Reduction Targets While Minimizing Costs with Application of Vehicle Logistics Optimization

A Sophisticated Transit Signal Priority System – How It Works

Stoney Trail – NW Calgary Ring Road

Streambank Stabilization Using Bioengineering and Biotechnical Methods

To Separate or Not to Separate?: The Deerfoot Trail Case Study

Training, Mentoring and Knowledge Management Initiatives Underway in Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation

Transforming a Downtown Roadway into a Green and Walkable Street

Transit Programs to Enhance Transportation Options and Partnerships

Transit Signal Priority Fine-tuning – How to Get More From Your System

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Policy and Evaluation Framework

Transportation Strategies for Vancouver’s Model Sustainable Community

Traveller Information Issues and Opportunities for Rural Areas

Trend Analysis of Road Salt Impacts on Groundwater Salinity at a Long-term Monitoring Site

Using Basic Collision Data to Manage Road Safety

Using Ground Penetrating Radar as an Assessment Methodology in Roadway Rehabilitation

Utilization of Subsurface Utility Engineering to Improve the Effectiveness of Utility Relocation and Coordination Efforts on Highway Projects in Ontario

Vertical Drains Under a High Embankment on a Very Soft Till Oxford Brook, Miramichi, New Brunswick

VIVA – Fast Forward to a Sustainable Future

When is Work Zone ITS Deployment Worth It?