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The Application of Roundabouts to Improve Safety Performance on Alberta Rural Highways

Are You Listening? Context Oriented Solutions for Public Consultation in the Ontario Municipal Class EA Process

Le boulevard Daniel-Johnson : Un corridor urbain à la mesure des besoins de la collectivité

Bridge Asset Valuation and the Role of the Bridge Management System

City of Regina Field Demonstration of Engineered In-place Recycling and Structural Rehabilitation of Roads to Develop Sustainable "Green Urban Structural Asset Management"

City of Winkler - Northland Parkway Traffic Impact Study

Cold Recycling Using Foamed Bitumen

Le concept de l'exploitation implanté au MTQ et le progiciel développé à l'appui de la prise de décision en entretien estival des routes

The Confederation Bridge

The Cost of Congestion in the Greater Toronto Area

Daniel Johnson Boulevard: An Urban Corridor That Meets the Needs of the Community

Design of a TL-4 Median Cable Barrier for Deerfoot Trail, Calgary

Development and Deployment of a Remotely Controlled Weigh Station

Development of a Pavement Condition Rating Procedure for Interlocking Concrete Pavements

Development of a Structural Asset Management System for Urban Pavements

Development of a Winter Maintenance Decision Support System

Development and Implementation of a Structures Management System for a P3 Contract

Development of Objective Payment Adjustment Criteria for Nova Scotia

Développement d'un système d'aide à la décision en viabilité hivernale

Duration Modeling of Calgary Household Weekday and Weekend Activities: How Different Are They?

Environmental Benefits of In-situ Recycling of Pavements

Estimation of Investment Requirements to Preserve the Canadian Roadway Infrastructure

Evaluating Weigh-in-motion Sensing Technology for Traffic Data Collection

L'évaluation de l'impact du réchauffement climatique sur la stabilité des pistes d'atterrissage au Nunavik : Première étape vers une stratégie d'entretien

Evaluation of Complex At-grade Rail Crossing Designs Using a Driver Simulation

Evaluation of Joint and Crack Sealants Based on Cyclic Loading and Rheological Properties

A Few Good Counting Stations

First to Kyoto - Corporate Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiative

Government Agencies and Others Reduce Costs by Sliplining

Green Fleet Implementation Plan 2006-2008

Guidelines for Upgrading Low Volume Roads in Saskatchewan

Habitat Banking for Harmful Alteration, Disruption or Destruction (HADD) and Wetland Compensation - New Partnership Opportunities and Significant Environmental, Economic and Community Benefits

Highway Traffic Volume Variations with Cold and Snow Interactions

Impacts of a New Express Bus Service in Waterloo Region

L'importance des facteurs humains dans les audits de sécurité : Le cas de l'aéroport Montréal-Trudeau

Improved Road Safety Through Real-time Advance Warning Systems

Improving Saskatchewan's Highways Through Federal-Provincial Partnerships

Innovative Means of Completing the Forgotten Component of Rapid Transit Planning: Transit-Oriented Development Plans and Implementation Strategies

L'intelligence artificielle au service du déglaçage des chaussées

Low-Volume Road Grading Maintenance Management: New Zealand Experience with a Canadian System

MacDonald Bridge Rehabilitation

Maintenance Decision Support Systems - The U.S. Success Story

Making Context Sensitive Design an Everyday Part of Geometric Design Practice

Manitoba Floodway Expansion Project - Bridge Replacement

Mechanistic-based ESALS for Urban Pavements

Mechanistic-climatic Characterization of Foamed Asphalt Stabilized Granular Pavements in Saskatchewan

Mechanistic-empirical Pavement Design: Evolution and Future Challenges

Message Standardization on Variable Message Signs

Modern Soil Stabilization Techniques

The New TAC Accessible Pedestrian Signal Guidelines

New Twist for Stabilized Roads

Normalisation des messages sur panneaux à messages variables)

Operations Concept Impemented by MTQ and Software Package Developed to Support Decision-making Regarding Summer Road Maintenance

Overview of the On-going Development of a Highway Safety Manual

Performance of Induced Trench Culverts in New Brunswick

Planning of an Unconventional Urban Arterial Intersection - A Context Sensitive Design Approach

The Potential for Variable Speed Control to Improve Safety on Urban Freeways

Potential of Wastepaper Sludge Ash to Replace Cement in Deep Stabilization of Quick Clay

Precast Options for Bridge Superstructure Design

Preserving Pavement Assets Through Realistic Policy Objectives and Life Cycle Consideration of Users, Economic Efficiency, Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection

Provincial Highway Vehicle Weight Management Review and New Policy Development in Saskatchewan

PS3150: Implications for Infrastructure Valuation, Accounting and Management

Quantitative Risk Assessment and Risk Management of a Large Transportation Project

Rails to Resources to Ports: The Alaska/Canada Rail Link Project/ Phase 1 Feasibility Study

Rapid Transit as a Catalyst for Reurbanization in Waterloo Region

A Rational Approach for Selecting the Optimum Asphalt Pavement Preventive and Rehabilitation Treatments - Two Practical Examples from Ontario

Recent Development of Bridge Management Systems in Canada

Reconstruction of the Myra Canyon Trestles on the Kettle Valley Railway

Redwood Bridge - Rehabilitative Maintenance and Related Works

Rehabilitation of Urban Streets Using Engineered Asphalt Emulsion-Cement Full-Depth Strengthening Systems

Rehabilitation Opportunities for NBDOT Steel Culvert Type Bridges

Results of the TAC Project on the Framework for the Collection of High-Quality Data on Urban Goods Movement

Review of the Economics of Winter Focused Safety Investments

Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge - 20 Years from Conception to Construction (City of Ottawa)

Road and Tire Noise Emission Assessment with Closed Proximity Method on an Asphalt Rubber Concrete Pavement

Roundabout Safety Experience: Chapter 5 of the Synthesis of North American Roundabout Practice

Selection of Surface Type for Low Volume Roads

Short Term Performance of Innovative Precast Concrete Slab Repairs on Highway 427, Toronto

Simulation-Based Methodology for Improving Central Ottawa Transitway Performance

Smart Commute 404-7 Program, Markham, Richmond Hill: Reducing Traffic Congestion Is Just Good Business

Smart Commute Initiative: Establishment of a Multijurisdictional Workplace-based Transportation Demand Management Program Serving the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton

Speed Reduction While Accommodating Emergency Vehicles with Small Inner Track Widths

St. Clair Avenue West - Exclusive Right-of-Way for Streetcars Project

St. John's Sideroad / McKenzie Wetland Project

Sustainable Rehabilitation of Carling Avenue Using Rubblization

Traffic Calming in Hillside Neighbourhoods: Case Study - Port Moody, B.C.

Trans-Canada Highway Project, Building Prosperity Through Public/Private Partnership

Trans-Canada Highway's Kicking Horse Canyon: A Project Update and the Road Ahead

Transit Customer Information Service Enhancements - Hamilton Street Railway

Using Cement to Reclaim Asphalt Pavements

Using Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) to Optimize the Scheduling of Load Restrictions on Northern Ontario's Low-volume Roads

Vancouver Transportation Plan Progress Report

West Toronto Diamond

William R. Bennett Floating Bridge Project