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Achieving Sustainable Urban Transportation:
The Decision Making Challenge

Allégo, Commute Alternatively, A Montréal Initiative

Amélioration de la route 175 entre Québec et Saguenay :
Création de 200 000 m2 d’habitats du poisson

Assessing Spring Load Restrictions Using Climate Change and
Mechanistic-Empirical Distress Models

Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) Spawing Bed Development on
South Feeder River in Response to a Bridge-induced HADD

Auditing – A Tool to Ensure Safety Compliance in
Public-Private Partnerships

Automation of Commercial Vehicle Compliance Systems
in Western Canada

Bishopville Road Arch, Nova Scotia – Reduction of
Excavation for Soil Foundation Improvement

Bridge Over Highway 401 for Pedestrians and Cyclists
in Waterloo Region

The Car Is No Longer King!

Channel Construction and Bioengineering: A Multi-Year
Commitment for Fish Habitat Compensation on Beaver Creek

City of Welland and Welland Hydro LED Streetlight Conversion
Program – Lighting the Way Forward to a Green Community

Circle Drive Widening

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: Case Studies of Roads
in Northern Canada

Coarse Recycled Aggregate Concrete Pavements – Design,
Instrumentation, and Performance

Cold Weather Paving Using Warm Mix Asphalt Technology

Design and Construction of a Pervious Concrete Pavement

Design and Construction of a Pervious Concrete Pavement
(2007 TAC Environmental Achievement Award Submission)

Design and Construction of Concrete Pavements with Recycled
Curb and Gutter and Sidewalk

Designing Major Urban Road Corridors for Active Transportation:
The Ottawa Case

Development of a Safety Improvement Strategy at a Truck
Rollover Prone Location

Development of Concrete Link Slabs to Eliminate
Bridge Expansion Joints Over Piers

Effective Management of a Public-Private Infrastructure Partnership:
A Case Study

L’envahissement du réseau autoroutier du Québec par le
roseau commun (Phragmites Australis)

The Environmental Road of the Future: Analysis of Energy
Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Environmental Standards and Practices – Envisioning a
Greener Future with ESP!

Evaluating HOV Plans and Priorities – The Case of Expressways
in the GTA

Evaluating Tire Pressure Control Systems (TPCS) to Improve
Productivity and Mitigate Pavement Damage

Evaluation of the Economic Feasibility of Weigh-in-Motion
in Canada

The Evolution of Bridge Deck Rehabilitation Strategies in Ontario

Fare-free Transit – A Strategy for Sustainable Transportation

Field Condition Assessment of Longitudinal Joints in Asphalt
Pavements Using Seismic Wave Technology

Fisheries Challenges Associated with Ray Gibbon Drive at
Riel Pond and the Sturgeon River in St. Albert, Alberta

Fish Habitat Compensation on the Trans Canada Highway
Project in New Brunswick

Fish Habitat Compensation Projects Along Yukon Highways

Fostering Innovation to Improve Pavement Performance in Canada

Full-depth Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Construction

The Geometric Design Standards and the Enhanced Clear Zone
Concept as Utilized on the Trans Canada Highway Project

Glenmore Causeway Upgrades Project

Highway 2 Bridge over Peace River at Dunvegan, AB –
An Integrated Work Zone and Road Condition Solution

Highway 402 Queue Warning System (Wireless Long Haul Application)

Highway 404 HOV Tunnel Advance Warning System
(Innovative Solution to Significantly Reduced Capital Costs)

The Highway Element Investment Review (HEIR) Guidelines:
Making the Right Decisions in Ontario

Ice Road Assessment, Modeling and Management

iMove® – Metro Vancouver’s New Integrated, Multi-modal
Web Portal for Traveller Information

Initial Evaluation of Foamed Asphalt Stabilization Using Modified
Asphalt Cement

Innovation in Sustainable Roadside Tree Management – City of
Winnipeg Regional Street Case Study

Innovative Design of Precast/Prestressed Girder Bridge
Superstructures Using Ultra High Performance Concrete

Innovative, Comprehensive Design and Construction of Perpetual
Pavement on the Red Hill Valley Parkway in Hamilton

In-Pavement L.E.D. Pedestrian Crosswalks – City of Airdrie, Alberta

In Search of Reliable In-Situ Test Methods for Development of
Performance-based Specifications for Concrete in Highway Structures

In-situ Measurements of Interlocking Concrete Pavement
Response to Vehicular Loading and Environmen

Island Park Drive Rapid Bridge Replacement

Kicking Horse Canyon Project

Lake Wabukayne: Innovation in Storm Water Management
Pond Maintenance

Long-term Performance of Failed Flexible Pavements
Stabilized with Cement

Long-term Transportation Plan

Long-term Warranty Contracts – Risk or Reward?

Long-term Warranty Provisions for Sustained Preservation
of Pavement Networks

Long-term and Seasonal Variations of Pavement Surface Friction

Measured Tire/Road Contact Stresses Characterized by
Tire Type, Wheel Load, and Inflation Pressure

Ministry of Transportation Ontario – Advancement in
Winter Road Safety

Monetary Performance Applied to Pavement Optimization
Decision Management

Moving to International Roughness Index Measured by
Inertial Profilers in an End Result Specification for New
Asphalt Construction in Ontario

Moving Towards Sustainability with Public Transit
for a Better Future

A New Tool for Planning and Managing Road Disruptions –
The City of Toronto  ROADMAP  System

Night Icing Potential – Demonstration Project

Night Icing Potential Project – Thermal Mapping

 Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (NSTIR)
Partners with the Local Community to Eradicate a Restricted
Invasion of Garlic Mustard (Alliaria Petiolata)

On Street Transit Priority Measures – Putting Buses
First in Winnipeg

Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan Study

PFI of the City of Portsmouth: Four Years on the Road – Private
Finance Initiative 25 Years Contract

Plan de transport – Ville de Montréal

Le projet de modernisation de la rue Notre-Dame à Montréal –
Un axe stratégique de transport multimodal visant à améliorer et
augmenter l’utilisation des modes de transports alternatifs

Putting Transportation Emission Reduction Strategies in
Perspective: Why Incremental Improvements Will Not Do

The Québec Ministry of Transport’s Bridge Project Tactical
Planning Dashboard

Quiet Pavements: A Sustainable and Environmental Friendly Choice

Recycled Tires as Lightweight Fill

Recycling Road Building Materials and Experience with Full Depth
Reclamation in the Ontario Provincial Highway System

Reliability-based Decision Support Tool for Life Cycle Design
and Management of Highway Bridge Decks

The Road to the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games –
Tranportation Findings of Large Public Events in Downtown Vancouver

Saskatchewan Bridge Management from a Spatial Perspective

A Simplified Model to Predict Frost Penetration for Manitoba Soils

Suivi structural saisonnier de chaussées municipales
en région nordique

Sustainability of Pavement Research Programs Through Knowledge
Management, Realistic Policy Objectives and Quantifiable
Performance Indicators

Sustainable Pavements – Environmental, Economic and
Social Benefits of In-situ Pavement Recycling

Sustainable Pavements – Making the Case for Longer Design
Lives for Flexible Pavements

Sustainable Transportation in Canadian Metropolitan Areas:
Assessing the Mechanisms for Planning, Funding and Implementation

Systems Architecture for the Next Generation COMPASS Software

2008-2012 Infrastructure Needs for Canadian Transit Systems

Tools for Managing a Construction Project

Toronto Walking Strategy: Putting Pedestrians First

Towards Developing a Sustainable West Campus at the
University of Calgary

TRANSMIT: Travel-Time System for Border Crossings in
Ontario’s Niagara Region

Transportation Demand Management: From Concept to an
Established Program

Transportation Plan – City of Montréal

Trellis and Trestles – Innovative Busway Bridge Design

Use of Processed Tear-off Roof Shingles to Improve Performance
of Roadbase Materials

Using Infrastructure Health Monitoring (IHM) to Assess the Impact
of Climate Change on Civil Infrastructure

Using SUE to Reduce Delays and Disruptions on
City of Toronto’s Yonge Street Project

Value Engineering and Innovation in the Design and Construction
of the Southeast Anthony Henday Drive, Edmonton

Value of 407 ETR as PPP Project to Support Sustainable
Urban Transportation for the GTA 

Warm Asphalt Mix Technology: An Overview of the
Process in Canada

Warm Mix Asphalt Paving Technologies:
A Road Builder’s Perspective

Weed Control on Highways in the Calgary Area

Who Thought Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS) Needed to
be Landfilled: Why Not Build a Road?

Windsor Regional Construction Traffic Management System

York Region ITS Strategic Plan

York Region Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan – Towards
a More Sustainable Region