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Accommodating Small and Large Users at Roundabouts

Advancing the Cement Industry's Climate Change Plan in British Columbia: Addressing Economic and Policy Barriers

Alberta Road Weather Information Systems Network Expansion, Winter Risk Assessment and Priority List for Advanced Winter Maintenance Strategies

Aménager le territoire pour recevoir un système de transport rapide en site propre : le Rapibus

Approach Fill Design of North Saskatchewan River Bridge

Automated Pedestrian Safety Analysis Using Video Data in the Context of Scramble Phase Intersections

Behaviour and Performance of Pervious Concrete Pavement in Canada

Benefits of Strategic Freight Movement in Saskatchewan

Bicycle Transportation Plan – City of Edmonton

The Big Move: Transforming Transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

Canadian Transportation Demand Management Impact Measurement Guidelines

Carrall Street Greenway: Public Realm Improvements and Community Development

Case Study of an Innovative Forensic Investigation of a Dramatic Pavement Failure, 14 Street NW, Calgary, Alberta

Cement and Concrete Industries Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation

Central Waterfront Hub Study

Changes in Bridge Engineering and a New Bridge Over a Unesco World Heritage Site

Characterizing the Soil Resilient Modulus for Typical Manitoba Soils

The City of Cambridge Bikeway Network Master Plan

City of Vancouver Parking By-law -- A Recital of Sustainable Parking Policies

Compaction Sensitivity of Saskatchewan SPS-9A Asphalt Mixes

Construction of Durable Longitudinal Joints – the Courage to Use Innovations Pays Off

Cost and Constructability of Permafrost Test Sections Along the Alaska Highway, Yukon

Cycle Track Concepts for Burlington, Ontario: Design Lessons From Apeldoorn Netherlands

Design and Development of a Methodology to Estimate Urban Container Truck Traffic

Design of Campbell Road Overpass in Kelowna

Design of Templeton Overpass for the Canada Line

Development of a Dynamic Transit Signal Priority Strategy

Development of a Framework for Determining Minimum Testing Interval Requirements for Network Level Skid Testing

Development of an Environmental Management Tool

Écolobus Service in Old Quebec

Economic Assessment of Climate Change Scenarios on Drainage Infrastructure Design

Eco-Street: Quantifying Energy Efficiency of Roads over Their Lifespan

Edmonton: Changing the Way We Grow and the Way We Move

The Esquimalt and Nanaimo Rail Trail – Building on the Capital Regional District’s Trail Network

Evaluating Safety Performance of an Interchange in the Design Process: Turcot Complex Case Study

Feasibility of 2+1 Roads on Alberta Rural Highway Network

Five-year Performance Review of Cold In-place Recycling and Cold In-place Recycling With Expanded Asphalt Mix on Highway 7, Perth, Ontario

Full Depth Remediation of Roads Using Portland Cement

Geothermal Snow-melt System for Bridge Decks (County of Essex, ON)

Goldset©: Application of a Sustainability Decision Support Tool to the Roof Asphalt Shingles Recycling Project of Metro Vancouver

Ground Penetrating Radar Quality Assurance Characterization of Asphaltic Concrete Surfacing

High Value Bridges for Low Volume Road

Highway Embankment Construction Over Soft Soils in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia

Host City Olympic Transportation Plan (HCOTP) for the 2010 Winter Games

Impact of Intercity Trucking on Urban Environment – Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area Case Study

Impacts de l'évolution des façons de faire en matière de collecte et de traitement des données de circulation

Improvements in Piezoelectric Sensors and Weigh-in-motion Data Collection Technology

Incorporating Recycled Concrete Aggregate in Pervious Concrete Pavements

The Influence of Canadian Practices in Developing New Brunswick's Work Area Traffic Control Manual

Initiatives visant l’amélioration de la sécurité routière

An Innovative Development Framework For the Long Rerm Roadway Network Planning in the Municipal District of Rocky View, Alberta

Integrating Frequent Transit Service and Corridor-based Transit Supportive Environments in the Metro Vancouver Region

Integrated Regional Signal System Benefits of Regional Traffic Signal Timing

Kicking Horse Cantilever Structure

La porte continentale et le corridor de commerce Ontario-Québec : une porte d'entrée sûre, durable et compétitive

The Lions' Gate Bridge Suspended Span Replacement

Long Term Performance and Acoustic Properties of an Aging Open Graded Friction Course Asphalt Pavement Surface

Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation's Training, Development and Recruitment Strategy: Building the Infrastructure to a Sustainable Workforce

Measurable Performance Indicators for Roads: Canadian and International Practice

Measuring Highway Maintenance Performance

Mechanisms and Kinematics of River Valley Landslides in Edmonton

Mechanistic Design and Structural Evaluation of Time Sensitive Urban Full Depth Strengthening Projects

Meeting Difficult Hot Mix Asphalt Challenges With Warm Mix Asphalt Solutions

Mesurer l'impact du transport en commun sur les valeurs résidentielles unifamiliales

Methodology to Determine Optimal Intervention Strategies for Structures Adversely Affected By Latent Processes

Mitigating Environmental impacts on the Sea-to-Sky Highway Through Innovative Structural Concepts and Details

Modelling Traffic Operations for Performance Measurement of the Port Mann / Highway 1 Project

Modifications to Queensborough Bridge, New Westminster, BC

Monitoring and Follow Up of Sandhill Crane: Adaptive Management of Project Mitigation for South Fraser Perimeter Road, B.C.

Non-destructive Structural Asset Valuation of a Saskatchewan Rural Airfield Before and After Structural Upgrade

Ontario-Québec Trade Corridor and Continental Gateway: A Safe, Sustainable and Competitive Gateway

Ontario's Experience in the Construction of Perpetual Pavement Trials

Ontario Transportation Demand Management – Municipal Grant Program

Outil de gestion environnementale – l’environnement dans les projets routiers

An Overview of Shared Use Lane Pavement Markings for Cyclists

The Pattullo Bridge Emergency Repair

Pavement Performance Specifications: Case Study

Pavement Preservation - Effective Way of Dealing With Scarce Maintenance Budget

Pentilly Road Improvements

Plan directeur des systèmes de transport intelligents de la ville de Montréal

Portland Cement Stabilized Full Depth Reclamation of the Pt. Michaud Beach Road

Prolongement de l’autoroute Robert-Bourassa en boulevard urbain à Québec

A Prototype System for Truck Signal Priority (TkSP) Using Video Sensors

Real World Applications of Virtual Weigh Stations

La reconstruction du complexe Turcot : Une nouvelle approche pour estimer le niveau de sécurité

Regional Greenways – Vision to Reality (Developing the Central Valley Regional Greenway)

Results of Using Measured Full-scale Tire/Road Contact Stresses in Models of Pavement Behaviour

Richard Tay’s Contribution to Road Safety

A Risk/Cost-Based Algorithm for the Routing of Dangerous Goods

Road Safety Improvement Activities

The Role of Bike Centres in the Urban Transportation Environment

Roller-compacted Concrete Pavements for Highways and Streets

Salmon River Fish Habitat Compensation Plan

Seasonal Load Restrictions on Low Volume Highways: Pavement Strength Estimation

Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project: Environmental Enhancements and Project Legacies

Le service d’écolobus dans le vieux-Québec

Slope Redesign and Slope Remediation during Design/Build Construction at Kicking Horse Canyon - Phase 2

Smart Commercial Corridors

Socially Sustainable Infrastructure: Incorporating the Needs of the Aging User in Roadway Design and Upgrades

A Study of the Commercial Vehicle Value of Time for Operation at Border Crossings

Sulphur Enhanced Asphalt Concrete Test Sections Constructed on the Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project, British Columbia

Sustainable Design for the Prince George South Weigh Scale and Four-laning

Sustainability: Carrier of Innovations in the Development of Pavement Materials

Thompson River Retaining Wall Rehabilitation

To Recycle or Not to Recycle Asbestos-containing Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP): That is the Question

Transit Oriented Development From Both Sides of the Tracks: How the City is Promoting It and How Developers Are Building It

Transport 2040 – South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (TRANSLINK)

Transportation Modeling For the 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Two Plows -- One Operator -- the Use of Tow Plows on an Arterial Highway in Northern N.B.

Urban Transportation Showcase Program: Results of Integrated Urban Passenger Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Demonstration Projects

Use of Launched Soil Nails to Stabilize Shallow Slope Failure on Urban Access Road 172

Vancouver's Bicycle Lanes: Retrofitting Arterial Streets to Accommodate Cyclists

Vancouver's Transient Parking Supply and Demand

What Can We Do To Improve Urban Goods Movement Data Collection in Canada? (Findings of The TAC Project on the Framework for the Collection of High Quality Data on Urban Goods Movement)

What is Acceptable Risk in Cycling Infrastructure?

Wide Base Single Tires vs. Dual Tires: Assessment of Impact on Asphalt Pavements

Wildlife-Vehicle Mitigation on Northeastern Ontario Highways

Winter Roads and Ice Bridges: Anomalies in their Records of Seasonal Usage and What We Can Learn From Them