2013 Conference and Exhibition of the Transportaion Association of CanadaTAC/ATC - Transportation: Better - Faster - Safer

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Academy for Municipal Asset Management

Access Management - Not Always Frontage Roads

Accuracy Limits of Geometric Analysis Based on Data Collection Vehicles

Achieving Success Through Innovation - Building a Road, Building Benefits

Active “Do Not Block Tracks” Sign & Queue Detection System

Adaptive Traffic Signal Control Pilot Project for the City Of Surrey

Advantages of Incorporating Fiber Reinforced Polymers into Earthquake Safety Program for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Analysing and Mitigating Queues at Signalized Intersections Adjacent to Railway Crossings

The 'Autonomes' Are Coming - This Will Fundamentally Change How We 'Do' Road Transportation


Bridge Training Program Using the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code

Building Bridges - Faster, Better, Safer Under Emergency Conditions


Calgary Airport Trail Tunnel

Calgary's Traveller Information System

Case Study: Design of the Highway 406 Termination Roundabout

Challenges, Risks and Successes in the Construction of the Lake St. Martin Emergency Channel

The City of Surrey’s “P3 Approach” to Municipal Road Safety Planning

City of Vancouver: Transportation 2040

C-LTPP Database: How Can We Capitalize on This Valuable Data?

Comparative Evaluation of FWD and Benkelman Beam Deflections in Saskatchewan

A Comparison of Five Green Trucking Programs Across Canada

A Comparison of Ride Improvement for Various Roadway Rehabilitation Methods in Western Canada

A Comparison of Traffic Accommodation Guidelines in Alberta from a Practical Perspective

Comptabilisation des ges dans le cadre de la réalisation d’un projet routier: le cas du projet Turcot à Montréal 

Considerations for Assessing the Road Safety Impact of Digital and Projected Advertising Displays in Canada 

Coquitlam Cross-Town Bike Route - Improving Bicycle Facilities in a Mature Suburban Environment

The Cost Implications of Using Various Flexible Pavement Methodologies for Canadian Municipalities

County-Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS)

Critical Parameters Governing the Planning of Calgary’s Airport Trail as an Effective East-West Connector


Delivery of Centreport Canada Way

A Demand Forecasting Methodology for Land-Based Ports of Entry

Design and Construction of Acrow Panel Bridges in Northern Manitoba

Design and Construction of Looking Back Creek Bridge

Design and Implementation of Slot Left-Turn Lanes on the Manitoba Highway Network

Developing and Applying a Level-of-Service Framework to Port-of-Entry Infrastructure Planning

Developing Supplemental Urban Guidelines for New Brunswick’s Work Area Traffic Control Manual

Development of a Pavement Degradation Fee Structure for the City of Toronto

Development of a Strategic Goods Movement Network in Peel Region

Development of a Traffic Safety Action Plan for the City of Saskatoon

Development of School Area Traffic Safety Guidelines for Manitoba

Diagnosis of Safety Problems Using Safety Analyst for Efficient and Effective Safety Management

Disraeli Bridges Project


Early-Age Cracking in Bridge Deck Slabs Reinforced with GFRP Bars

Economic Analysis on the Use of Recycled Aggregates in a Roadway Structure

Edmonton Urban Roadside Truck Survey: Planning and Operations

Estimating Pavement Macro-texture Mean Profile Depth from One Image

Evaluating Automated Anti-Icing Technology to Reduce Traffic Collisions

Evaluation of Crumb Rubber Modifier in Ontario Hot Mix Asphalt: A Case Study

Evaluation of Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) for Characterization of Subgrade Soil Modulus

Evaluation of Ontario's Pavement Design Methodology


Field & Laboratory Characterization of Tire Derived Aggregate in Alberta

Flexible Pavement Design for Frost Protection Taking into Account Subgrade Soils Variability


Gestion de la mise en oeuvre des travaux d’infrastructures routières et municipales

Green Decision Making Framework for Pavement Surface Rehabilitations

GHG Accounting in a Construction Project: The Case of Montréal's Turcot Project

Guidelines for Planning and Implementation of Transit Priority Measures (TPM) in Urban Areas

Guidelines for Selecting Sign Sheeting to Meet Minimum Retroreflectivity Levels


Highway 99 Shoulder Bus Lane at BNR Overhead: Complex Fast-Tracked Bridge Widening and Seismic Retrofit to Provide Streamlined and Sustainable Commuter Option


Implementation Of GHG Tracking Software for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure Projects

Implementing the AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design Guide: Manitoba Issues and Proposed Approaches

Improving Transportation Safety:  Calgary Safer Mobility Plan 2013-2017 Case Study

Incorporating Cycling in Ottawa-Gatineau Travel Forecasting Model

Information On Demand: In-House Development of a Highway Preservation Database System

Infrastructure Engineering Option in Engineering Science

Innovative Approach to Establish Transitions Between Two Materials of Different Frost Susceptibilities Under Rigid Concrete Pavement at Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

Innovative Overload Permitting in Manitoba - Allowing a 363,500 Kg (GVW) “Superload”

Integrated Road Research Facility (IRRF): An Alberta Research Initiative

The Integrity of IRI Data at Low Speed

Investigating Thermal Cracking Potential of Ontario RAP-HMA Mixtures

Investigation and Repair of the Diefenbaker Bridge Fracture

Investigation Methodologies and Design for Runway Pavement Rehabilitation at Churchill Falls Airport

Issues and Strategies Involved in Developing Agent-Based Multimodal Network Model for Transportation Planning and Simulation: Lessons and Methods from a Case Study on the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area


Key Findings and Conclusions from the Study: Accommodating Oversize/Overweight Vehicles at Roundabouts


Les partenariats au Québec: pour une meilleure sécurité routière en milieu municipal

Local Road Safety Plans: Guidelines and Best Practices

London, Ontario Strategic Road Safety Strategy

Long-Term Performance of Flexible Pavement Structures in a Changing Climate


Mechanistic Design: A Modeling Case Study for the City of Saskatoon

Migrating the City of Calgary from a Static Road Network Definition to a Dynamic Road Network Definition

Modeling Analysis of B-Train Trucks on Saskatchewan Pavement Structures

Modeling the In Situ Performance of Culvert Joints in a Pavement Structure

A Monitoring Strategy for Active Transportation Pilot Projects

Monitoring the Thermal and Mechanical Behaviours of Puvirnituq Airstrip, Nunavik, Northern Quebec

Multimodal Analysis of Freight Transport Activity and Infrastructure Impacts Related to Manitoba’s Energy Sector

A Multiple Index Approach for Measuring Winter Severity and Maintenance Needs

Multivariable Analysis of Roundabout Versus Traffic Signals - A Case Study in Alberta


New MSE Retaining Wall Technology for Highway and Bridge Construction “The Grid Strip” to Easily Resolve Encroachment Issues with Bridge Piles and Manholes

A Novel Model to Predict the Corrosion of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Structures


120 Volt Traffic Signal Systems Utilizing Wireless Communication for Temporary Installations

Ontario’s Move to Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement Smoothness Acceptance Using High Speed Inertial Profilers

Operating and Maintaining Median High Tension Cable Barrier on Highway 2 in Alberta

Orthotropic Deck Wear Surface System Selection – Lions Gate Bridge North Approach Viaduct

Osborne Street Bridge Rehabilitation and Widening


Partnerships in Québec: For Better Municipal Road Safety

Pedestrian Safety Campaign

Pedestrian Safety in Roundabouts

Pedestrian Signal Head Warrant Project

The Pembina Highway Buffered Bike Lanes Project - A Solution to Managing Cyclists, Buses and Pedestrians at Transit Stops

Photo Radar and Red Light Camera System for Traffic Management

Pilot Project to Test the Feasibility of Tire-Derived-Aggregate (TDA) as a Roadway Embankment Fill Material and Pavement Insulation Layer in Alberta

Policies, Guidelines and Standards for Trails in Alberta Highway Rights-of-Way

Post-tensioning Corrosion Evaluation and Mitigation

Principles for Addressing Urban Traffic Monitoring Challenges

Production of Cleaner Hot Mix Asphalt (CHMA) in Canada

Proposed System for Co-ordinating Spring Load Restrictions Across Ontario


Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Generation For Roadway Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Treatments


Radars photographiques et surveillance aux feux rouges

Recycled Concrete Aggregate in Concrete Pavements:  A Five Year Study on Its Effect on Pavement Performance

Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Utilization of Turf and Root Reinforcement Mat (TRM) Technology in Green Armouring of Civil Structures as Compared to Traditional Rock Armouring

Resilient Modulus and Segregation Potential Estimation from Simplified Laboratory Procedure

Road Utility Cuts and Repairs - Applying Keyhole Technology

Route 1 Gateway Project – Safety Enhancements To Existing Sections


Safe and Secure Transportation of Canada’s Used Nuclear Fuel

Safe Routes to School: Providing Better And Safer Transportation Choices for Students

Safety Review of Albertan Refuge Areas

School Transport Walking Hazard Assessment Guidelines

Seimic Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Substructure Using Fibre-reinforced Polymer Composites

Sensitivity of Pavement ME Design Predicted Distresses to Asphalt Materials Inputs

Stepping It Up (Metrolinx – Project Lead and Partners: City of Hamilton, Region of Peel, Green Communities Canada and University of Toronto)

Sustainable Pavement Design: Doing More with Less

Sustainable Pavement Technologies: Doing More with Less

A Systematic Approach for Locating Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Stations in Canada

Système innovateur de gestion des eaux de ruissellement de l ’axe routier 73/175 secteur Stone-Tewkesbury (Québec)


TAC Pavement ME User Group - Canadian Climate Trials

Ten Year Performance Evaluation of Unbonded Concrete Overlay and Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement: A Toronto Case Study

Time Sensitive and Effective Pavement Construction on Runway 08-26 at Waterloo Airport

Toronto Walking Strategy

Town of Souris Swinging Bridge

Traffic Operation Improvements at the Pembina-Emerson Port of Entry

Transit Signal Priority Impact Analysis and Evaluation in the City of Edmonton

Transitways and the Route Ahead for Calgary Transit


Understanding the Effects of Mandatory Bicycle Helmet Laws on Helmet Use, Head Injuries and Ridership: A Systematic Review

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Use of Pervious Concrete as an Open Graded Drainage Layer in Pavement Structures


Verification of Pervious Concrete Drainage Characteristics Using Instrumentation


West LRT Project: Enabling Mobility and Transit-Oriented Development

Why Concrete Intersections Make Good Sense

Wildlife Passage and Enhanced Environment Features on Highway 26 New, Wasaga Beach to Collingwood

Winnipeg's First Rapid Transit Corridor - Southwest Transitway

Winter Road Maintenance - A Comparison of Alternative Performance Measures and Service Standards


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